I am from Valencia, Spain. My entire life revolved around football where I become professional by the age of 16 until I retired at 27 due to critical injuries leading to 4 major surgeries: 2 shoulder repairments and 2 discs in my lumbar Spine L4/L4.

Going through this experience awakened my curiosity and the need to discover more about the human body, to master its secrets and forms, responses, tricks, movement patterns, and how everything can be affected and distorted by injuries, surgeries, habits, and emotions.

Everything is connected.

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I treat persons.

I approach dysfunction by using Neuro-Bio-Mechanics.

Taking in consideration the previous medical history of my patients, getting to the root of the problems, and re-wiring the brain to create better maps of the body, and pain-free movement patterns aiming for wellness, efficiency, and functionality.

Currently based in Spain, I dedicate all my energy and time to develop and grow Rmotion™, traveling, networking, and enhancing the skillset and education of both, Health professionals, and aficionados through Education Seminars worldwide.

I didn't realize how lucky I am for having the chance of growing up in the countryside, surrounded by rivers, mountains, wide fields, sun, fresh local food,and clean air.

Under this environment, the natural development of the body happens alone. My generation was constantly outdoors, playing with friends, exploring, riding our bikes, and playing sports.

I believe, we belong to nature. We belong to the wild, to the sun and the cold, to the water and the sounds of the river flowing, to wide spaces and irregular terrains. T the silence of the night, and to the clear skies full of stars.

Problems come the moment we neglect our natural connection with the energy field of the earth for our well being and the proper function of all our systems, our mind, body, and spirit.

The majority of our modern diseases will not exist if we just would give more importance to expose our body to nature more often.



  • Science of Sports & HealthDegree 

  • Anatomy Trains

  • TRX

  • Syzygy

  • Olympic WeightLifting

  • Z-Health

  • Functional Patterns

  • Animal Flow

  • Persian Yoga

  • Martial Arts